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We're Going on a Bear Hunt!


Animal Homes Movies

As part of our unit on 'Woodland Animals', we made our own animals from clay! We took a long time to shape, form, and use detail on our animals. After making them a home using real, natural materials from our playground, we made a little video.  This was our first time using Lego Movie Maker on the iPads! We loved it. Check it out!

 Snail, by Nicha 
Hedgehog, by Japan

 Snake's Life, by Hong Kong

 Best Friend, by Sky

 Rabbit, by Anya

 My Holiday, by Finn

My Lovely Friend, by Fah Sai

Snake's Routine, by Arya

My Best Friend, by Cara

 Superman Snake, by Ryan

 Bird, by Jae Yeong
Show and Tell!

This week, Baiboon brought one of his favourite toys, his mom's silver Mercedes!

"It makes noise and Mommy buy from Paradise.

Star of the Week!

Congratulations to Sky and Fah Sai, our Stars of the Week!
They were chosen for being brave and trying new vegetables at lunch time. Once they tried them, they loved them! Now they eat broccoli, corn and cauliflower every single day. What healthy eaters!


For the past two weeks, we have been busy learning how to use Microsoft Paint to create our own versions of the Gruffalo and Stick Man!
This requires a lot of good coordination with our writing hand to control the mouse, as well as imagination to design and colour our characters!

Check us out!

We are getting really fast at adding numbers!

We can use the Numicon to add two numbers together. The size and shape helps us to recognize (subitize) quantities very quickly.

Magic Maths!

Reception A has been working super-duper hard the past few weeks to memorize number bonds to 10.
After all of that hard work, it was really easy to add two small numbers together today!
We are maths magicians!

 Using small toys is such a fun way to learn maths!

We work hard with friends.