International Day activities

This week, as part of our celebration for International Day, we have been learning about Canada. We have talked about famous Canadians, including Terry Fox, looked at Canadian money, talked about the most famous Canadian symbol, the maple leaf, and even watched some Olympic ice hockey!
Today, we learned a bit about a famous Canadian meal, Kraft Dinner!
Canadians love to eat Kraft Dinner with ketchup (tomato sauce), and hot dogs!  We eat more Kraft Dinner than anyone else in the world.

We loved it too!

We put the margarine in the boiled pasta

We took turns mixing the margarine

Fah Sai loves the cheesy taste!

Thumbs up from Hong Kong!

Thumbs up from Jae Yeong!

Nicha and Anya took a bite, but they didn't like it. Well done for trying something new, girls!

"More, please!"

 A resounding approval from Ryan.


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