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Show & Tell

Show and Tell is an excellent way for Reception children to gain more confidence in their speaking skills, as well as use more vocabulary to describe their favourite toy or object from home.
Last week, Ryan told us about his toys from Ben 10. 'Mommy bought for me when I in hospital'.
Baiboon shows us his amazing Lego Police Car! 'I build it all by myself'.

Finn showed us her fancy Frozen crown. 'My sister use it in the show'.

Busy Little Elves!

Whew! It has been a very busy few weeks in Reception AM! We have been hard at work on our Christmas performance, 'A Star Goes Missing', and making various Christmas crafts to decorate our class and share with our friends. When we are not hard at working creating beautiful artwork, we are using our imaginations to explore new activities in our classroom. Take a look below!
Japan and Sky enjoy playing 'I Spy' at the sensory bin. The objective is to find as many objects from the chosen cards as possible underneath the coloured rice.
Getting ready to take our friend the Manta Ray to the EY splash pool!
How many will fit?!
Arya is learning to balance 
During Golden Time, the girls love to share toys and crafts. Thank you Finn for bringing in your crown kit for us to share!
The boys enjoyed having a go with Baiboon's air pumper and playing with the Christmas peg beads.