Weekend with Bob!

Hello parents,

Starting this Friday, we will begin a weekly adventure where one student from our class will take home our class friend Bob.
Bob is a minion who loves to go on adventures, but he doesn't really eat many different foods, so we are trying to teach him to eat a variety of healthy foods and stay fit by keeping active!
You can take him anywhere: the beach, the mall, a friend's house, or just play in your garden!
We are trying to encourage the children to speak with more confidence and share their experiences with their classmates. Every Monday morning, the child who took Bob home over the weekend will show some photos of their time together and tell their classmates what they ate, where they went, and what their favourite activity was.

Here are some photos of Bob's adventures in previous years, most recently in Cairo!

Bob reads a story

Having dinner!

 Relaxing with some television
At the pool!  He is suntanning 

We will post more information on our class door, and please ask us if you have any questions about Bob!


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