Some photos from our week....

This is our friend Mr. Potato Head. We use our imagination and change his look every day!

We have been using the iPads to form proper letters and spell words.

We are starting to spell words independently at the pocket chart.

In the finger gym, we use our fine motor skills and imagination to build creatures and robots

Baiboon has made carrot cake from play doh!

We can use the SmartBoard independently to play 'I Spy...'

Hong Kong is learning to trace and recognise his numbers. 

Every Thursday, we practice our handwriting. Here Nicha has decided she wants to go to the fire station!

Arya wants to go to the school!

Sky is going to the airport!

Japan is going to the 7-11!

Baiboon is going to the beach!


  1. I am so proud of our class for reading and writing our tricky words this week! Congratulations!!!


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