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Congratulations to Sky for being the Star of the Week!
Using our Senses: what's inside the balloon? Today Miss Ashley brought two frozen balloons to school. What could be inside? We had to use our thinking skills to describe what we saw, heard, smelled, and felt as we passed the balloon around.
We were surprised to see some differences between the two balloons, such as their size, their colour, and bumps.
We opened the balloons and....SURPRISE!
We listened to hear if there were any sounds in the balloon.

Arya shakes the balloon to see if there will be any noise. 
What does it feel like?
This one's bumpy....
There is a dinosaur inside! Has it been frozen for millions of years?!
He is poking out. What will happen if we leave the ice and don't touch it?

The eggs will go somewhere safe until the afternoon. Then we will find out....!!!

Using our Senses

This week we have been learning about how we use our senses to help us learn!           This week, we tested our noses to see if we could identify certain smells. All of the smells were the same colour - a yucky brown! When we see brown we usually think of bad smells!
The children passed around the bags with the cotton balls inside and took turns having a smell.

What could it be....?
Japan doesn't like it!
We were surprised to learn that the four smells were: coffee (Hong Kong guessed right!), chocolate, soya sauce and vanilla!
Art + Science = FUN!

As part of our topic on 'Our Senses', today we tried a neat science experiment! We put food colouring into a bowl of milk, then dipped a Q-Tip with some dish soap on it into the bowl. We were amazed to see the food colouring react to the soap. If we left our Q-Tip long enough, the colours began to 'dance'! We enjoyed using our sense of sight to see the two colours magically mix together.


What happens when you mix red and blue together?
Baiboon was amazed to see the colours swirling together. We now know that if you mix BLUE and RED together, it becomes PURPLE!!!!  But what happens if you mix RED + YELLOW together?

At the end, the colours had mixed together to form secondary colours!

STEM WEEK! Our next task was to make towers from toothpicks and marshmallows! Which ones would stand up tall? Which ones would fall? How can we make the strongest tower? Teamwork helps us achieve anything!

STEM WEEK! In Reception, we learned how to make paper plate marble mazes! We had to make sure the paper tunnels were tall and wide enough for the marbles to pass through, and that they were not positioned in a straight line. It was hard work, but a lot of fun!