International Day activities

This week, as part of our celebration for International Day, we have been learning about Canada. We have talked about famous Canadians, including Terry Fox, looked at Canadian money, talked about the most famous Canadian symbol, the maple leaf, and even watched some Olympic ice hockey!
Today, we learned a bit about a famous Canadian meal, Kraft Dinner!
Canadians love to eat Kraft Dinner with ketchup (tomato sauce), and hot dogs!  We eat more Kraft Dinner than anyone else in the world.

We loved it too!

We put the margarine in the boiled pasta
We took turns mixing the margarine
Fah Sai loves the cheesy taste!
Thumbs up from Hong Kong!
Thumbs up from Jae Yeong!
Nicha and Anya took a bite, but they didn't like it. Well done for trying something new, girls!
"More, please!"
 A resounding approval from Ryan.

Star of the Week!

Congratulations to Hong Kong, our Star of the Week!
Hong Kong was chosen to be star of the week as he has shown his dedication to improving his behaviour and getting along with his friends.
Well done!

Our Show and Tell will be next Friday, hosted by Anya!

What have we been up to?

This week we have been super counters!
We played a great game where we raced to put the correct number of beads onto our skewers. We had to count carefully, and FAST!

In our new unit, 'Environmentds', we have been learning all about the desert and the animals who live there. We read a funny story about camels and painted egg cups to make our own! 

Last week, we had a great time playing firefighters outside and "putting out" the number flames. Miss Nin called a number, and the firemen had to race to put out the correct flame!

We worked in pairs to save the day!
Our listening skills have really improved this term, and we can now follow instructions from several sources, including an action song. Here we are following the Genki English Disco Dance! Well done!

Star of the Week and Show & Tell!

Congratulations to Levina, our Star of the Week!
Levina was chosen for settling so well into our class, making new friends and following the class rules.
Well done!
Levina was also our Show and Tell student this week. She brought in a Paw Patrol toy that everyone really enjoyed. She brought it with her from New Zealand. Great job!

Star of the Week/Show & Tell

Congratulations once again to Arya for being chosen as our Star of the Week! Arya was a star for helping our new friends Levina and Jae Yeong settle into our class and help learn the rules. Thank you Arya!

Japan enjoyed telling us all about his submarine toy, from his favourite tv show. 

See what we've been up to!

Welcome back! Our first topic in term two is 'Environments' and we spent some time last week talking about the beach and the sea creatures who call it home. We read 'A House for Hermit Crab' and learned that he changes his home when it gets too small. This led to an interesting conversation on where we would all like to live if we could choose any place!
We have been using a variety of resources to help us with our literacy and numeracy goals, including letter stones to help us spell! Sky is following a model to spell sea vocabulary using the letter stones. 
Finn is learning to spell 'crab'. 
We designed a new home for the hermit crab following a spiral.
We know the names of some sea creatures from the story. 
Our sensory tub is full of lots of interesting items from the beach! How many can we find?

Show & Tell

Show and Tell is an excellent way for Reception children to gain more confidence in their speaking skills, as well as use more vocabulary to describe their favourite toy or object from home.
Last week, Ryan told us about his toys from Ben 10. 'Mommy bought for me when I in hospital'.
Baiboon shows us his amazing Lego Police Car! 'I build it all by myself'.

Finn showed us her fancy Frozen crown. 'My sister use it in the show'.